Tiny Selfie Kiosk by Photo-Me

Introducing the Tiny Selfie Kiosk, the newest addition to the Photo-Me International Photo Range.

The perfect asset for your events!

Make your events unforgettable thanks to the Tiny Selfie Kiosk! Photos can be stored in high resolution, printed during the event or shared via Facebook and/or via the e-mail address. The system is GDPR compliant, so your customers’ data is safe. We have designed the Tiny Selfie to provide the maximum benefitsat a lower price.This is without any quality concessions on both technical and design point of view. 

The kiosk is customisable to fit your brand and event colours.

Tiny Selfie champagne Tiny Selfie orange

Customise your photos with your own template (1 to 6 templates, portrait/landscape orientation, 1 to 4 poses). You can also personalise the interface graphic design according to your brand/event. Even more, the booth can handle the Chromakey technology (green background that allows fun backgrounds to be implemented). A great stylish way to advertise your name and brand. The customers will take home their images with your brand name on it. In addition to that, the customers are able to share their photos online and on the spot using the Tiny Selfie kiosk. Needless to say how immensely beneficial sharing online has in advertising!

For businesses looking to increase profit and generate interest, our unique array of products will surely attract the attention of your customers. Contact us today and get to know us better!

Tiny Selfie by Photo-Me
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