Fresh Orange Juice Vending Machine

Photo-Me introduces the all new Fresh Orange Juice Vending Machine: 100% self service and easy to use.

With its elegant and attractive design, this dispenser is ideal for modern and professional environments. It will attract the eye of passers-by as oranges are squeezed right in front of them. They can see the oranges and the juice extracting process through the glass window. The process takes less than a minute, and the cups come out with a heat-sealed lid.

For only £2, you will get your freshly squeezed, chilled and sealed cup of orange juice on the go! A great energy boost for customers and a great asset for business, everyday, all day!

Tiny Selfie Kiosk by Photo-Me

Introducing the Tiny Selfie Kiosk, the newest addition to the Photo-Me International Photo Range.

The perfect asset for your events!

Make your events unforgettable thanks to the Tiny Selfie Kiosk! Photos can be stored in high resolution, printed during the event or shared via Facebook and/or via the e-mail address. The system is GDPR compliant, so your customers’ data is safe. We have designed the Tiny Selfie to provide the maximum benefitsat a lower price.This is without any quality concessions on both technical and design point of view. 

The kiosk is customisable to fit your brand and event colours.

Tiny Selfie champagne Tiny Selfie orange

Customise your photos with your own template (1 to 6 templates, portrait/landscape orientation, 1 to 4 poses). You can also personalise the interface graphic design according to your brand/event. Even more, the booth can handle the Chromakey technology (green background that allows fun backgrounds to be implemented). A great stylish way to advertise your name and brand. The customers will take home their images with your brand name on it. In addition to that, the customers are able to share their photos online and on the spot using the Tiny Selfie kiosk. Needless to say how immensely beneficial sharing online has in advertising!

For businesses looking to increase profit and generate interest, our unique array of products will surely attract the attention of your customers. Contact us today and get to know us better!

Revolution Compact S

An even compacter laundry kiosk

You only have limited space in your car park but you would like to optimise it in order to generate more footfall or offer a unique new service to your customers?
The Revolution Compact S is the ideal laundry kiosk with a 13kg washing machine, an 18kg dryer and a unique card payment system. An easy, quick and efficient self-service solution that gives your customers the opportunity to do their laundry at the same time as their weekly shopping!
Added benefit: Hypoallergenic detergent is included and fabric softener optional!

3m² footprint, easily installed in your car park.

    • Pre-cabled and pre-assembled, installed in half a day
    • One 13kg washing machine, one 18kg dryer
    • LED lighting triggered by twilight sensor
    • Payment by credit card and contactless
    • Accessible to customers with reduced mobility

CONTACT US to find out more about this laundry kiosk and find us on Facebook!

Digital passport photo

Photo-Me® worked hand in hand with Her Majesty’s Passport Office to develop a photo transfer solution that makes passport renewal easier and simpler. Visit one of our photo booths to get a professional digital ID photo for your online passport application. Your photo will be printed in just a few seconds, along with a code that you can enter in your online passport application to attach your digital photo directly to your application.

Photo-Me®’s face-recognition software ensures that customers’ ID photos meet the 75 criteria required by the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) to ensure a viable passport photo.

Call 0800 035 66 00 to find the nearest photo booth equipped with digital passport photo services.

Available in Photo-Me® by StarckUniversal Photo Booth by Starck & Mini Kisbooth

8’x12′ photos

The bigger the better

This photo format is ideal for displaying in wall frames to cherish your precious memories.

  • Portrait or landscape
  • With or without white border

Available in Speedlab cube® by Starck.

6’x8′ photos

To frame or to create a photo album

A very practical format for your souvenir or artistic photos. They work in a photo album as well as in a frame.

  • Portrait or landscape
  • With or without white border

Animated GIF

An animated gif personalised in an instant

A lively animated photo to share on social networks! What better way to celebrate a unique moment, enjoy an event and have a laugh?

Available on the Selfie Booth.


The Selfie trend

With the Borne Selfie, Photo-Me offers a unique photographic experience: a handless selfie booth, personalised in the colours of an event or a brand! The ideal attraction to give a boost to your event and allow everyone to leave with unique and personalised memories.

  • Customize the photo format, the photo template and the number of poses
  • Ability to create animated images in GIF format
  • Option “green background” to create virtual sets, filters Snapchat

Available on the Selfie Booth.

Fun photos

A fun Photo-Me experience!

A range of fun pictures available in different themes: postcards, emotions, vows, special cinema series … etc. There is something for everyone! The image bank is updated regularly (subject to conditions) according to the calendar events: Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Halloween, Christmas …

In addition, new fun pictures are offered in our Kiosks every month, according to the latest movie releases. You can then take a picture in the decor of your favorite movies or next to your favorite star!

Attention, these photos are not up to standard for the official documents (passport, ID card)

Available (under conditions) in Photo-Me® by Starck & Easybooth®.