Photobook Maker

Another first from Photo-Me, Photobook Maker is the first compact and fully automated instant photobook solution.

Photobook Maker breaks new ground by offering a fully-automated, one-stop product that is fully personalised yet incredible simple.

Its automated functionality needs no staff time, yet delivers the quality of a professionally-finished book.

  • fully automated
    Fully automated, one-stop shopping experience.
  • Easy to use
    Revolutionary ease of use.
  • record time
    Customised photobooks in record time.
  • Glossy Finish
    Professional glossy finish.
  • 10 - 30 pages
    From 10 to 30 page photobooks.
  • Durable quality
    Durable quality.
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Case Study

There are no case studies available at the moment, please check back soon.



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