Speedlab Case Kiosk

Photo-Me is driven by innovation and this is the first self-service vending machine to deliver a pre-cut personalised digital print to slot into a transparent mobile phone case. Nine different cases are available, focusing on the core market-leading product ranges from iPhone and Samsung.

  • 4 x 6
    9 smartphone case models.
  • Different media
    Choose your own photo or one from the library.
  • Features
    Transparent case.
  • Totally secure
    Editing options: Colour density, zoom in and out, cropping, black and white, sepia.
  • Index printing
    High quality photographic pre-cut print.
  • Multile transfer methods
    Media cards, Bluetooth, CD, Infrared or WiFi photo transfer.
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Case Study

There are no case studies available at the moment, please check back soon.



PHOTO-ME IS DELIGHTED TO PROVIDE YOU WITH USEFUL TIPS TO HELP YOU MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY. THE RULE OF THIRDS When a photo looks good, it’s usually due to the composition; the visual elements of the photo, such READ MORE