The British Photographic Industry News September 2015 focused on the new Speedlab By Starck kiosk. Read the full BPI issue here

With sleek design immediately grabbing the attention like anything else from the mind of world famous product designer Philippe Starck, the ‘Speedlab by Starck’ Bio & Cube kiosks are sure to make your customers want to instantly touch and try – and just as swiftly place a print order

Resembling a console at first glance more at home on the bridge of the Star-ship Enterprise than the floor of your typical photo retailer or mini lab, the ‘Speedlab by Starck’ Bio kiosk is boldly going where no rival has gone before. Slightly more conventional looking, but nonetheless still striking is the second innovation in the Speedlab by Starck Cube.

Speedlab Cube

“The design and performance are certainly out of this world,” agrees Photo-Me’s Head of Marketing François De Freitas. “And the Bio is also light years ahead of drab looking rivals that focus purely on function, whilst perhaps forgetting about form.”

There is already shared history between Starck and Photo-Me: we featured the ‘Photo-Me by Starck’ photo booth in the May 2012 edition of BPI News.
“Philippe Starck never ceases to challenge the conventional boundaries and criteria of contemporary design,” François continues. “Starck has always designed objects that demand the most from the least, taking a functional object and transforming it into a work of art.”

A work of art fit for business

Naturally the upright ‘Cube’ kiosk is just as eye catching as the earlier Starck-designed photo booth, the two being very much ‘of a pair’ and making for, Photo-Me believes, a very distinctive and attractive unit when combined at retail. It will certainly make your business look a cut above the rest and very much focused on the future.

Photo-Me describes the design of second new product in the Bio kiosk meanwhile as ‘avant-garde’, with its curving lines enhanced by a symphony of sparkling colours that are sure to turn customers’ heads and demand their immediate attention.

Speedlab Bio

Both the Cube and the Bio are furthermore fitted with a multi-touch 27-inch screen, which boasts a modern and user-friendly interface. Its intuitive features have been designed to make it easy to navigate, complete with built-in editing tools to enhance or personalise the photographs.

Customers will be able to print 4×6 or 12×8-inch photographs instantly by using memory cards or USB; accessing their social media photo gallery; or transferring photos from smartphones and tablets via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth – with a dedicated Photo-Me phone app available for download.

Secondly, there is the photo gift option. Thanks to its connectivity features, customers can also order a wide range of products, including posters, canvas prints, T-shirts, mugs and many more items that will be made available for collection in-store, or delivery to a UK address within a few days.

“Photo-Me is again revolutionising the photographic industry with the launch of the ‘Speedlab by Starck’ kiosks,” concludes François. “It’s an unparalleled combination of aesthetically-pleasing design with a retail photographic offer at its best. Not only will users be fascinated by the advances in automated self-service technology delivered by the kiosks, but Photo-Me believes they will also appreciate the inviting interface and customer experience.”

To request a brochure on the Speedlab by Stark Bio kiosk now, simply email In response you’ll not only get the information you’re after but will also be automatically entered into a competition to win a 32GB Apple iPad Mini with Retina display.